Rocky Berrios

Rocky Berrios
CrossFit Coach
CrossFit L2

Rocky has been involved in CrossFit for over 12 years and has been coaching for over five years.

His favorite style wods are chippers and he enjoys doing muscle ups and cleans.

Like most athletes, Rocky’s least favorite movements are burpees and thrusters.

Rocky has always had a passion for sports and fitness, with one of his favorite sports being basketball. He eventually got into working out but quickly got bored doing just your average fitness routines. It was then that he found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with the challenging and varied movements. The more involved he got in CrossFit, the more he felt a strong need to share what he was learning with others. That’s what led to coaching and to where he is now.

Not only is Rocky involved in Fitness, but his wife, Tiffany, along with children, Ben and Callie, are involved in fitness as well.