Utilizing the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity,” our programming combines strength training with metcons (a.k.a. metabolic conditioning). Our CrossFit classes run an hour in length, and on any given day, you could be working on skills like pull-ups, a back squat, or rowing mixed with some burpees. What’s really great is that within these workouts, movements can be scaled down (or up!) for any level of fitness at any age, so they’re challenging every time. And, because you never know what to expect with CrossFit, it promises an engaging, exciting experience every time you walk through the door—which is why we all love it!

What to Expect - Show up a few minutes early for your first class to meet the coaches, talk about any restrictions or concerns and sign a waiver. A coach will lead the warmup and guide the group through any strength / skill movements programmed for that day. We typically end with the “WOD”. Feel free to stay after to mingle, stretch, mobilize or get some extra work in!

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